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Strategic Planning


Strategic Planning
Operations & Management Consulting

Driven To Action  A full year working with Talmar It Up  to keep your momentum moving and focused!

Rev It Up Consultations
   Start here! Strategy session resulting in a written Rroad map that creates Action Plans for immediate results

Ready. Aim. HIRE! Easy video guided worksheets and templates to hire RIGHT!

Takeoff: annual 2 day getaway from your every day for strategic targeted growth

Ass Kicking Muse Monthly Mentoring 3 Months of prioritized action on your business' immediate needs

Business Management Bootcamp
   One Day and On Site

Project COO

National Speaker

Business Side of Business

    Podcast on ITunes and Stitcher


What We Offer

Talmar Anderson is a woman on a mission  -- to help small businesses beat the high failure rate! Her mantra that “Business is NOT innate. It is learned.” helped shape her business co-creation firm, Talmar It Up, LLC. Talmar enjoys Turning Vision into Action and finds that working with business owners is the juice that gets her excited. If you have ever met her, you know that her energy and optimism are infectious! She easily and quickly applies her insights to helping clients obtain their business visions. Talmar consults to help bridge the gaps in operations and management education or experience while helping to define clear and singular steps to effect change NOW.

Talmar It Up, LLC advises business owners and their teams in times of growth – whether moving from the “All Me” phase through the first hires or during that critical time when a business owner needs to develop organizational structure and “define the Business as its Own Entity”. With over 20 years of managing multi-million dollar businesses, she easily and quickly applies her insights to helping clients create operational plans, build processes or systems, and grow their teams all while constantly endeavoring to grow profits!

Talmar is Host of the podcast
The Business Side of Business creating Actionable Insights to Fill-in-the-Blanks of YOUR Business. The podcast is another way to serve the small business community and business owners that what to understand all the facets of business even if they use staff and vendors to get it all done.  The podcast can be found on ITunes, Stitcher or www.BusinessSideofBiz.com.

When not with clients, Talmar is finishing her first book, Hiring Triggers which sets a business owner on the transitional path of seeing their company as its own entity instead of just an extension of themselves and other personalities within the company.

Her products and services (Driven to ActionRev It Up, Ready. Aim. HIRE!, Takeoff) are developed to make an impact in the small business market.  Talmar is always striving to create the space where anyone can truly ask the questions that are relevant to their business without embarrassment or judgement

Talmar returned to the DC metro area in 2010, after 17 long, hot years in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Talmar owned a successful office management and bookkeeping firm in Phoenix, which she sold at the end of 2012. Her personal time is lovingly filled by her husband, her son and her 140 lb. puppy dog. Talmar is extremely grateful every day for the wonderful people that bring colour to her life and adventures!

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Talmar Anderson
Founder / Business Co-Creator

DefinitionTalmar It Up (verb
​To Use Energy and Enthusiasm to Create Action Plans, Priority and Processes for Faster Strategic Business Growth.

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At Talmar It Up, L.L.C., our mission is simple: we continuously work to deliver specific answers to business owners allowing for ease of organizational structuring, faster growth and scalable success as defined by YOU!