Talmar It Up  LLC

Talmar It Up offers a VIP day? Yup.

The Brilliance Accelerator 

Developed because enough people wanted ALL the answers to see the whole picture and move more quickly to the result. Does this sound like where you are in your business planning?

​Not everyone is called to be a leader and play a bigger game. Many are content to serve just a few clients and are satisfied with a modest income, keeping their fees low and using their gifts on a smaller scale.

And for them, that path is right and perfect.

But for the person with a deep inner calling… a big vision… a passionate message and a yearning in your heart to make a lasting difference… it’s simply not enough. 

Bigger AND faster requires discovering the keys to move your company forward NOW.

  • "I don't have time to read the 5 books I already have on my nightstand."
  • "I won't make time to watch a 10 part video series."
  • 'I know I need this but I don't want "progressive" growth."

And my favorite was....

  • "In the words of Veruca Salt of Willy Wonka "I want it NOW"".

One full day of customized 1-1 consulting and coaching in a private and comfortable space to allow focus, ease and the luxury of dedicated time. This is not light work but rather seriously exciting strategy to illuminate the future of your growing business! I can see the Brilliance in your future. You will understand the path before the end of the day. 

                          Book it HERE $5,597 USD

uring the day we go through pieces of your business together. Answering questions, considering options and deciding what will get us "there" fastest! When we finish, you will have a written Strategic Plan with priority that is customized for your organization's needs allowing you to transform YOUR OWN role in the company.

We will address the structure, process and your business needs around:

            Profitability & Products
            Hiring Triggers & the Org.Chart
            Time & Cash
            Clients & Sales
            Identity & Goals
            Value & Pricing

** Brilliance Accelerator VIPs also receive support and access to clarify questions and keep you focused for an additional 6 months.  

Commit to your own company and book your  Brilliance Accelerator VIP day HERE! You can  email or call me with your questions and to get scheduled for Brilliance Accelerator. This is the expedited VIP experience. This is the work that you need to KNOW to GROW!

Let's get your SH*FT together...