Talmar It Up  LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

At Talmar It Up, we try to make it as easy as possible.   Schedule an appoint through a phone call (202) 258-0655 or you can always reach out by email ( I LOVE EMAIL!). TAnderson@TalmarItUp.com

We will set a quick 15-20 minute call to see what is going on in your business and where you want help. At the end of the call, you will receive recommendations on how you can progress. If it is with Talmar It Up, we will let you know which products or services are recommended and how your company would benefit from each. It is all about getting you and your business focused and growing to meet your vision! To get a quick idea of what it is like when we start out, check out this quick video answer!

An engagement agreement and request for payment will be emailed to you.  Once we receive that back, you are scheduled on the Talmar It Up calendar and we start working to turn your vision into action!

How long until I start seeing results?

Another great question...check my answer on video HERE

Each engagement is specific to you and your needs HOWEVER  Talmar It Up does not sign contracts for longer than 12 months.  The intent is to give you the process, procedure and answers you need to go forward as the rockstar business owner we know you can be.

Is it true you don't work with just anyone?

ABSOLUTELY!  Progressing with purpose is a defining theme for how Talmar It Up works with each and every client.  

Yes, life changes and our priorities shift.  If you find that your time and energy needs to be focused outside of your business, that is perfectly acceptable.  Rather than waste your money and our time we accept that as our last meeting.  This allows you to focus your energy where you need without the added stress of not delivering for your business.

I am a startup without the budget for consulting. How can I get access to the Talmar It Up insight?

WOW!  Great question.  First, investing in getting the specific & direct answers you need to bridge your gap in business experience or education literally saves you money and gets you closer to the profitable line MUCH faster! This is a main reason that I get excited about my work.  Check out a video of me discussing this client benefit HERE!

We do understand that everyone has different needs at different times.  Joining our mailing list gives you access to the blog, Dollars & Sense: Our Blog which covers a variety of business topics.  Making sure you are on the mailing list will allow you to receive this regular email that also contains other updates and events.  And oh ya, IT'S FREE!

Consider also subscribing to the podcast, Business Side of Business!  These shows offer actionable insight to fill in the blanks of your business.  This is ANOTHER FREE resource for you to grow and build your your business and work for anyone with tight schedules and on any budget.

Of course Talmar is always developing new ways to deliver information to business owners that will help to beat the high failure rate of small business!  Keep a lookout for what is coming next!