Talmar It Up  LLC

Here are some of the AMAZING tools, people and services that make Talmar It Up ...well, us!  I whole-heartedly recommend these listings IF they meet the needs of your business.  I recognize not everyone is a perfect match for you or your company so please enter in any decision with full consideration for your needs. Of course I have other recommendations for you and your business needs so don't be shy about asking. Consider whether working with these companies will help or create more chaos for you! They have ALL helped my business in some way.

And yes, some compensate me as an affiliate, but I would refer these anyway.  You KNOW I am not a person to say "no" to more revenue streams if they meet your market's needs and stay on brand. 

Please let them know that Talmar and the Talmar It up team sent you their way!  If you

haven't heard it from me yet...business MUST track how they get their referrals

to build success!

Marketing Tools

BrandMirror - Personal Branding Firm - Make sure your reputation is positioning for how 

you want to be perceived as a leader!

ConvertKit - email marketing / automation - This is what I use but is best for blogger / writer / content generatiing types!

Jansen Communications - marketing and social media content management - Monika's team are the only ones that can get my wordy articles to get close to making sense.

Self Improvement Tools

Uncommon Knowledge - Self Hypnosis Downloads!  Good for professional AND personal improvements

Money Bootcamp by Denise Duffield-Thomas - online course to get rid of your personal crap and eran teh money you want!

Patricia Lohan - Feng Shui and Energy Expert - I do believe your environment sets you up for success or overwhlem.  I work one on one as well as through her groups.