By working with business owners and their teams we develop strategies, processes and documentation to:

           ◦Develop organizational structure that supports the scaling needs of your company.  These projects can include:

                                * Develop forecasting Organizational Chart with consideration to goals

                                * Draft job descriptions based on current and projected workflows

                                * Create employment ads that will attract the Right people for the Right roles in your company. 

            ◦ Define and initiate hiring process.
            ◦ Understand, forecast and develop profitability and cash flow.

           ◦Create Action Plans outlining immediately applicable steps that can be used to measure,document and create data.

           ◦ Define and develop tools for consistent communication of the vision and the "personality" of your company.        

           ◦ Support and advise on moments of high stress 

           ◦ Offer clarity and action plans for moments of inspiration 

           ◦ Educate on business management best practices outside of your comfort zone or experience. 

Call  (202) 258-0655today so you can be more confident about your business choices and drive your business exactly where you envision it!.

The excitement of working with business owners to build toward their next success is one of the reasons our company was created.

Meeting with you to review your business plans allows us to help develop strategies and processes for your goals. Talmar It Up can then break it down into details and actionable steps that can help you build the success you envision. We work with you to help focus the next step. 

The lightening speed of Talmar's alignment with each new company or concept and focus result for the client leaves everyone with a sense of excitement and amazement. The possibilities are filtered down to allow for a specific mission, understandable  business model and sample prediction for the kind of expenses to be outlayed for start up. 

Talmar It Up can advise and create a One Page Straw Man document to bring potential investors, team members and strategic partners in line with the vision. 

First Step?

Straw Man Strategy

Start HERE at $1,500

Past clients have developed investor backing and profitable business based solely on the strategies outlined in this initial step and Talmar' insight.

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Need a Startup COO to perform the operational advisor role for the start-up and implementation of your firm or project!

FLASH Startup

- a 3 month engagement to project manage and implement what your company needs to be operating and billing clients NOW.

Starts at $15,000. Talmar It Up will ensure you start with the systems and processes you need for a working business operation. Engagement can include:

  • Product and Servce Packaging
  • Billing System
  • Social Media platforms Recommendation and Implementation
  • Website Facilitation
  • Contracts and Engagement Drafts
  • Accounting System Implementation
  • Vendor Management
  • Hiring
  • Initial Office Space locating
  • MORE!!!​

Build it NOW!!

You have a chance to meet with investors or a partner

but you only have the idea or concept? Time to get that VISION out of your head and on to a page!

Working with Talmar It Up can develop the strategy behind the business model, operational requirements and monetization path to convince them you mean business...profit-based potential business! 

Talmar It Up  LLC