Talmar It Up believes that the dream team IS possible!  Yup.
You can enjoy hiring and managing people. In fact...this is a
​requirement for profitable success!! 

Get Your SH*FT Together - 
The Hiring Accelerator

                                      Is THIS the year you take your company over that big fat

                                      hairy goal for your revenue? You have procrastinated

                                      because the "people". Sure you need an assistant, and a

                                      sales person and a kick ass deliverables expert!

 program is for you if one or more of the following sounds familiar:

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    Focused creative innovation delivers priority and an organizational structure to build your best team! Once designed, we will work together to hire your prioritized position. The guided clarity of this program leads to the confidence and real world experience that will protect your vision, grow your company and create a real path for fun, excitement and the joy of being a business owner!  

    I get it.  People are unpredictable.  The human side of business operations can be emotional and stressful.  That is true; some of the time.  Because life happens. 

    However, MOST Of the time, working it like a Boss looks like your team fixing a client complaint before you get in for the day.  It can include a new idea presented at the team meeting that gives your company opportunity beyond your own dreams.  It looks like laughing until you cry with a staff member that "gets it".

    Freedom can only be realized once you get over the fear of :

    • Can I afford to pay them
    • Can I trust them to do as good a job as I do
    • Will they be more work than help?

    Hiring Accelerator starts with a customized consultation that results in role definitions, budgeting decisions and a prioritized work flow and organizational structure that will support a SHIFT in your business model.  Having these answers allows you to move closer to that BOSS role that delivers profitable scalability AND the Freedom to determine your day's efforts! 

    Then, over the next 4 months you receive Talmar It Up's Hiring System for your internal use NOW and throughout the future!

    This 3 Section system addresses what your business needs right now. Together through 1-1 consulting we progressively work throughthe different topics and stages in each section:

    • How to attract the "right" person
    • How to Hire the "right" person
    • How to build a team you love to work with every day!

    This is where you and Talmar Anderson work through the SHIFT to Boss.  Taking care of your company and building a team is where exponential growth can be found!  How much higher are your goals this year? This is how you can see those multipliers come to light!

    Freedom comes from you not being involved in every decisions every second of every day. Let's Get Your SH*FT Together! 

    Get Your SH*FT Together - Hiring Accelerator 4 Month Program will include:

    • 2-3 Hour Consulting on your specific industry and development of an Organizational Structure for scaling your current business model
      • Developed with consideration to profitability model, annual goals and monthly budget.
        • Includes strategies on compensation and revenue forecast alignment

    • The 3 Module reusable hiring system addressing How to Attract the Right People, How to Hire the Right People, How to Build a Team You Love.
      • Each stage will be a combination of templates, documentation, guides and 1-1 consulting to walk you through a real-world guided examples of how you can hire your best team. In other words, we will be Scaling ON purpose!
    • Delivered over 16 weeks for support on your hiring timeline. 
      • Each piece is a consulting topic and are scheduled on priority of your company’s hiring progress. The majority of consulting is usually in the first 10 weeks!
    • One on One Consulting sessions (Video consulting) with Talmar Anderson to ensure focus, confidence and clarity of action. (Program will result in 8 – 12 consulting sessions varying from 1 to 3 hours.)


    Payment - Full Pay      *** YOU SAVE $800***
    $7,200 USD          TOTAL Due to begin working with Talmar It Up


    Payment Plan - Installment Plan

    $3,500 One Time, Non-Refundable Deposit + 3 Remaining (30 Day intervals) Payments of $1,500 each
    Deposit is charged immediately upon your acceptance into the program.
               Remaining payments will be billed every 30 days from the deposit date.

    $8,000 USD          TOTAL Due to Talmar It Up (including Deposit)
    (202) 258-0655
    Let's get your SH*FT together...NOW!

    • Hiring from the local university has left you with a less than professional staff.
    • Hiring your neighbor's cousin because he was "available" created more chaos.
    • You have paid the fees of a recruiting agency..maybe even several times in one year.
    • You have a hard time finding the "right" people or keeping the "good ones".

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