Talmar It Up  LLC

Do you need to hire?

Want a way to get to the RIGHT employee,

not just ANY employee?

Talmar It Up is proud to offer this easy program that provides a guided method that provides the and templates that will help you hire correctly for YOUR business needs. These short lessons can drastically change the effort and money you and your company spend on building a strong team for your business!

Taking the time to create an Employment Ad and Job Description that is specific to your company and the current needs will STOP the Stars-In-Your- Eyes Hiring Loop that so many business owners and managers can get stuck in.

Making sure to set up your interview process in a consistent and systemized manner will allow for making sure you can truly compare each candidate equally.

We will walk through the qualifying process - steps you must take to see if they are as good as you hope!

Lastly we will cover how to on-board that right candidate so they become the team member that helps your business grow!

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