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Strategic Plan

"Talmar It Up's planning helped me enormously! Not only did Talmar help me to better define my goals and next steps, but she also made me feel confident and optimistic about my current choices and my future as a small business owner. She gave me ideas that I never would have thought of while not making me feel stupid for not having thought of them sooner. So glad I went with her!"

 Stephanie Williams
 Founder/Chief Analyst
 Stephanie Alex Arts

Are you ready to structure your operations and growth around what your BUSINESS needs instead of the personalities currently within the company?

Rev It Up Consultation

2-Part Action Plan Consult

Start HERE! This strategy session will give the introduction to working with Talmar It Up while inspiring focused and specific action.

Are you Heading for Success?

This 2 part consultation begins by touching on the multiple facets of your business practices and procedures. 

Did you know that during growth is EXACTLY 

when a business can excel or sink themselves??

  • During the first meeting (3 hours in duration) we will define the areas that need improvement  or more focused process. 
  • You will receive a recording of our session that is avaialable for insight on demand and for continual focus
  • We will set up a follow up meeting (1 hour video conference) approximately 60 - 90 days from the original consult which will allow us to determine where movement has been able to occur and where further improvements can be made.

This process is ideal for the business owner who "sees" where they want to take their company yet feel unsure of or overwhelmed by what the "next" step should be for success.

Talmar It Up can give you specific and direct answers so that your company can progress with purpose. Call NOW to ensure you are on course.  We can create the road map for your success for $1,400


EMAIL or get on the calendar HEREand make a plan for action!

Rev It Up Consultations

There is no C.E.O. school for someone that already holds the title.  Running a successful business is about details and action that is measureable.  Working with Talmar Anderson can help. Through consulting, product offerings and project work, Talmar It Up can help to set an action plan, offer a crash course or deliver monthly insight to your inbox.  You will move forward while gaining the business understanding of how to carry these actions throughout the life of your company!

Together, we can beat the high failure rate for small business!

Where do you go when you are ready to grow your business except....well, you don't know what is next?  You are too busy to trying to keep it all going to manage it. And don't EVEN start on strategic planning.  Do you find yourself thinking "I know where I want to go.  I just don't have the time or money to get it all done."

"Perhaps Talmar's new title should be "Profit  Creation Queen!"                                                     Lori Saitz, Founder/ CEO, Zen Rabbit




You don't have to do it alone! (202)258-0655

Find out why so many business owners are rushing to work with Talmar It Up!!

“Talmar is like the small biz whisperer!!! She tells you exactly what you need to know in a straightforward way in language you can understand.”
~ Carly Poppalardo, Owner of Real Organized   



Meeting with you to review your business plans allows us to help develop strategies and processes for your goals. Talmar It Up can then break it down into tasks that can help you build the success you envision. We work with you to help focus the next step. We can advise or actually perform the operational advisor role for the start-up and growth of your firm!


Call Talmar at (202) 258-0655 today so you can be more confident about your business choices and drive your business exactly where you envision it!.



The excitement of working with business owners to build toward their next success is one of the reasons this company was created.