attend a Takeoff with Talmar It Up and
​TRUST your Decisions AGAIN
​to Grow your business!

​​​​Want to know more about Takeoff with Talmar It Up getaways?

This time away from your every day "to do" list and busy calendars is designed to be an immersive and invaluable experience taking place over two focused days in beautiful locations.

Each day will be made up of :

  • Engaging workshops 
  • Set within relaxing locations
  • Allowing your brain the space to clear 
  • Focused planning for success.

Starting with recommendations made specifically for your business based on the pre-work, the Talmar It Up team will better understand how you and your business can be focused and organized for specific operational and profitable growth. From defining possible growth needs to opportunities for metric collection and analysis we will constantly be creating specific decision points.

Takeoff is offered as specific focused agendas held in different locations throughout the year. Some of the Agenda choices include:


  • Hiring and delegation 
  • Revenue model analysis and development 
  • Employee management process and procedures  
  • Pricing & packaging. 

These getaways will allow you to take advantage of topics that your business needs while helping you push indecision to the side.  Participating in these exclusive workshops allow community access to other women business owners experiencing the same choices and challenges as you. 

Because Talmar does believe that what she does is fun, there will be the good things in life too!  Food, cocktails and laugh out loud merriment is guaranteed.  It is in the moments of leisure that awesome insight and inspiration can be found. 

Let's build your confidence, progressive growth and profitability! Let's Takeoff!

​​Takeoff: Strategically Drive your 2018!

KNOW your own business and Create Your Action Plan

Takeoff: Annual STAYCATION
Dec 8-9, 2017

Tysons Corner, VA


Takeoff: Las Vegas
Jan. 12-13, 2018
Las Vegas, NV


What DO you want to be different next year? Working with Talmar Anderson and an intimate group of motivated business owners we can make an inspired plan with actionable steps to SHIFT your business in the new year. Let's talk what is working, what is not working and what new projects could receve focus. We will consider  budgets, employees, products and driving sales within your company. This is when you get to step into being a Boss In Charge!

This 2 day workshop and retreat is designed to walk you through the detailed plan you need for your year ahead.  We will break it down into digestible pieces that allow you to operate your business while progressively growing to your vision strategically - purposefully - throughout the coming year!  THIS is where we get to really lay out the "GO! Grow!" in the Talmar It Up motivator I leave you with each time. 

In this relaxing and comfortable space we can talk through ideas, ask questions about others experiences and develop answers that are SPECIFICALLY what you need. 


Space is VERY limited! Sign up here or email me at

**Options for additional time 1-1 with Talmar (one hour consult) available on a limited basis. Check out the Takeoff Plus registration!

Takeoff with Talmar It Up 

- Intensive workshops getaways designed to let you get away from your EVERYday and give you the physical space to think strategically about your business.

Each getaway is focused on developing your company's strategic plan focusing on specific operations and / or management needs built and laid out to deliver answers, inspire and lead your business on the path to scale and faster growth!

Talmar It Up  LLC

"but I can't  be away from my business / family!!"

  • Can't trust that your staff won't play hooky Friday afternoon?
  • ​Can't trust that the implementation will go correctly?
  • ​Can't trust your partner with the kids for one night?
  • Can't trust the world will spin without you????