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Live Video Consults monthly with Talmar Anderson


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If you have been wanting to work with Talmar, this is the program for you! Each Program will consist of:

  • 2 - One Hour Private sessions each month (recording optional)
  • Work to clarify purpose & goals by creating action and inspiration in your business.
  • 4 -"In the moment" 20 minute telephone calls/ or document review to work through immediate needs every 6 month program.
  • Monthly access to live "Office Hours" with Talmar and guests!
  • Engagements starting as short as 6 months!

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What do you get by working with Talmar in this 1 - 1 capactity?

  • Clarity on what your business needs RIGHT NOW!
  • Prioritized action steps
  • A Kick in the Pants***when needed!!
  • Referrals and resources that can solve challenges and move
    your business forward NOW!
  • Specific answers and real world feedback
  • Consistent time on your calendar to be heard and considered.


Each bi-monthly meeting is a live video consultation that really digs into the questions and concerns
​you have around your business. 

  Brainstorm, talk through what your business concerns and consider Talmar Anderson's offered insight with (or without) a glass of wine in your hand. Together we will figure it out and make it easier. With only a 6 month engagement minimum, you will be able to quickly feel connected and establish action for growth!

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There is NO hiding from business growth here!