Bad Energy!

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 1

To understand the experience let's first understand the scene! The scene comes from my own history.  I was working in a company with a small business owner many, many years ago. I was a direct report employee with a supervisory role with heavy customer service and employee management. As I established some tenure with the company, I discovered I was there to handle the "people" side of business due to the owner's...we will call it "interpersonal skills". She was mean. Straight up narcissistic and mean. But not to people's faces. She hired staff for that.  


One lovely afternoon, the owner comes in and asks to meet with me in private. She proceeds to tell me that I need to fire the newly hired expert for whom we created a new position.  Firing was my job so I was ready to support the decision and proceeded to ask her why? " She has bad energy. She can't stay here."  Ummmm...that is hard to document for our records.  Worse, I felt the employee was doing a good job and had seen no obvious errors. But I was not the boss. t was made very clear to me that this was not up for discussion.

Boss Action!

What can we learn from this?  What is the action or process we can adopt to better our own team development? There are a few I hope you can find.

  1. If bad energy is a no- no in your company, build a process into your hiring screening to test out people earlier.
  2. Be willing to consider that an expert hired to offer new insights for your company will not likely want to continue to do business the exact same way you did before...that is why you are hiring!
  3. Don't be a jerk boss.  Yes, you can hire key employees to help with the "people" side of your company but the sooner you embrace that a great team makes your company better in spite of your own issues, the faster success can expand! 

Here is to a resource for helping you understand what others are dealing with and how you can build a team you rlove to work with every day. Let's Scale on Purpose.

   Now Go! Grow!

Talmar Anderson