Can A Boss Can be a Human too?

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 10

I am excited to be sharing time and a great story from Katie NelsonSales UpRising, Before she built her amazing business coaching company, she had built a successful career in the industry of recruiting.  She has-some doozies when it comes to employee / boss stories! During our chat, she went deep. 

Katie, like most first time managers, was promoted on her expertise and then given minimal training on managing employees.  Can you relate? I know I had been there too! 

Imagine young Katie newly promoted and inheriting a team of independent contractors.  You may already know that often times ICs need as much care and feeding – i.e, management, as direct employees. One of her people called in late to work —  a lot!


The telephone rings as it regularly does at this early time in the morning and Katie’s husband makes a guess at the excuse Employee X will use this morning.  Money is on “dog at my alarm clock”.  Employee X proceeds to explain that he forgot to put the top up on his car and the inside is flooded.  He will be late. Again.

Katie admits that her inexperience let the situation go on too long.  She wasn’t being mentored herself on how to manage and this particular guy hit her compassion spot.  He was 17, on his own – no parents to teach him professionalism or guide him on the realities of life. Finally, she had the talk on the call.

“Employee X you need to know that if you are late one more time, you will be fired.  Now.  I want you to think about that.  Think about the bills you have right now.  How will you pay your rent for the next 3 months? Just think about it for a minute.”

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: It is OK to help an employee improve by helping them understand the context of information.  

Katie took the time, not just to consider that business needs to move on from an employee to be successful and at the same time that the employee might not be able to see past his nose.  This is a GREAT BOSS ACTION!

In business, some people need guidance to walk through a whole decision.  Not just what it means today ( "I could go to an early movie if I am done working today") but what it will look like down the line ("I just got off my friends sofa and into my own place..I AM NOT willing to give that up!").

The success here is that Katie is championing the needs of the company ( consistent and on time employees) and layering in the kind of culture she wants to work within.  One that guides, advises and encourages both personal and professional growth. Being compassionate and holding an employee personally accountable does NOT Have to be mutually exclusive!

Katie admits that her dealing with the issues was Good Enough. She wishes she had had the talk sooner.  Employee X started showing up on time, earned promotions and stayed with the company 8 years! Being Boss means understanding that not every one has the same experience that you have and allowing them to learn from you.  

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Talmar Anderson