One Win. We all win!

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 13

While it is easy to learn from the crazy, the chaotic and the inappropriate interactions between an employee and a boss, I caught a good moment! I was witness to something we can all aspire to as business owners and bosses. It could have so easily been missed. These days, what I saw and heard is rare, that I knew I had to share it here….with you. And this is my challenge to you, if I saw this occur than we can all aspire to have this in our own companies! Let me paint the picture.

I was happy to attend a small family wedding in the country side of Virginia.  It was a lovely and informal event.  At the reception, kids were running under the tables. The DJ was playing the rock hits from MY generation. The happy couple made the rounds of the tables. Smiles were everywhere and the food looked good.

A local BBQ joint was catering.  They only had one gentleman who brought in the food, set it all up, served it and cleared our dishes! He was rocking and rolling the entire time. He didn’t appear stressed. He was just getting it all done.

They had something for everyone and let me tell you the brisket was stellar. I am not usually a brisket person but something about it called my name. Whew, it knew how to please. Yep, that good. (Of COURSE, I had seconds). As I finished (finally) the caterer came by to clear my dishes.


“THAT was amazing! Seriously, the brisket was outstanding.”, I told the guy as you grabbed my plate. He smiled back and quickly said, “Thank you. I get to hear that a lot. I am proud to work for this company.”

WOAH!  Did you hear that?  How many of your employees casually mention they are proud to work for you or within your business? How much would you pay to have that kind of PR so client facing?

And did you hear that it was the “company”?  Not just that he liked the food too. Not that he loved hearing compliments. Or even that he had a nice boss. However, you can be assured a great boss is a part of this story!

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: The possibility of a team that enjoys and appreciates working with your company is real!

Yes, employees need the paycheck. Yes, they want to go home to their personal lives. But never forget, they would love to be a PART of a kick ass, getting things done, great reputation team. The belonging as staff that is able to share in the success and feel valued can be priceless. It is a shared experience and that is the stuff that makes for a good life.

As a Boss, you must remember that first if you value their efforts, time and contributions, then they will more readily take ownership, protect and promote your business.  

What Boss Action can YOU take today to build the pride for your staff? How will you share the credit and the success? I recommend celebrating every win as everyone’s win!

Scale on Purpose

Talmar Anderson