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The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 5

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior blog post is so bad that our Boss of reference must keep his name out of the story.  Certainly he was there, but it was national news in the United States and may be able to trace back to our source. Yeah...it is THAT ugly. Imagine, if you will, a company with enough employees to have multiple locations and the business owner is based out of the area. 

It is a snowy day on our fateful date of reference.  Snowy enough that people were choosing to stay home.  Some organizations were announcing liberal leave (When employees are allowed the autonomy of using their own discretion about whether to come to work or use their accrued leave time.)  Our Company, "123, Inc.", has not made any formal announcements on this day. Employee Y calls to tell Manager X that she is staying home due to the roads being slippery.


Manager X lets Employee Y know that she is fired. Shocked but assuming this is the way it is the employee does not show up.  However, we all come to find out that more than a few employees chose not to go into the office that day due to the weather. So why was Employee Y fired?

Whatever you are thinking right now, it is probably not correct! Manager X took this opportunity to get rid of someone that they just did not like! Apparently it was widely known the two staff members did not get along well. YEAH....That is some serious Mean Girl action. And in some cases of small business it may even have worked.

The company's owner was contacted by Employee Y and notified of the inequitable treatment. And after some back and forth, and NATIONAL MEDIA ATTENTION, Employee Y was offered a position within the company (but under a different Manager). However, Manager X still remained employed! 

You see, the Ugly Behavior here is actually by the business owner! Not only was Manager X kept on in their role but there was no company wide acknowledgement of the poor judgement and inappropriate action. All the other employees under that manager were left wondering what was next? Or rather WHO was next? Because it was obvious that Manager X was going no where and would be indulged with her bad choices.

Over the next 4 months all staff reporting to Manager X had tendered resignations and found employment with other organizations.

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: Poisonous people will kill your team!
Even if Manager X only disliked that one person and was going to be a great mentor and supervisor going forward, a Boss must take actions to let the whole company what will be different going forward.  Mistakes are allowed (though this may have been a personal agenda over company mission which should be handled very specifically) but trust me, the WHOLE team knew about the issue even if it hadn't been on all the news stations.

The business owner should have taken the Boss Actions of:

  • addressing a formal inclement weather process
  • ensuring the manager directly addressed with their team what occurred in general and how it is an exception and not the rule.
  • most specifically and most effective, would have been to fire Manager X. Personal agendas should have no role when managing others.

As a Boss, you want to protect the company from high turnover and the expense that comes with it. You must build a culture that will attract and keep great people. It can be hard to let go of a key member, even if they are your best friend or a family member, but your business needs you to champion the team as a whole. That is what being a kick ass boss is all about!

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Talmar Anderson