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The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 6

Today we are talking with Chris Tomseth, the President and Owner of Money Mailer of Tysons Corner. Chris’ company offers award-winning direct marketing solutions for businesses across the Northern Virginia area. Chris spent the beginning of his career in large global corporations. If you have met Chris, you are not surprised to find he held leadership roles and executive officer positions. He definitely has a great Boss vibe about him! His story is not that unusual and is an easy way for a successful person to find themselves quickly out the door! NOOO!  Not Chris. Remember he is the great Boss in this story. 


Have you ever attended an all-day company event?  Whether a workshop, team building or conference? This one had about 30-40 people from the division and from different states in the U.S. After a great day of work, the company invites them all out for dinner and drinks.

Flash forward to the next morning.  Chris is approached by a manager / friend, Ms. Z, about a conversation she has had with one of her employees, Ms. Y. Ms. Z is looking for some friendly guidance. 

During the evening, one of their out of state employees, Mr. X had too much to drink. (yep…you see it coming right?). Mr. X proceeding to come on to Ms. Y.  “Sloppy drunk” come on seen as “friendly” is still sexual harassment people! Ms. Y did not intend for Mr. X to get in any trouble. She explained to Ms. Z that she was just looking for advice because it made her “uncomfortable”.

Counselor for Ms. Y had just sought counsel in Chris…who also was an officer of the company. This just got bigger.

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: You are ALWAYS representing, people!

First, whether a company function or a networking event, when you are placing yourselfin a role of representing a business. Your actions do not speak for themselves. They speak for THE COMPANY! Getting your drunk on and suggesting hotel trysts are a part of very few company core values. Wait until you get back to your mini bar if you really need that much to get your through my friend!

Second, confidence is a tricky thing. Chris was not really given the chance to offer friendly advice because he had a financial and ethical duty to the company.  As soon as he heard about the issue, he went directly to HR and legal.  After the company talked with Mr. X , who both admitted to the actions and having a drinking problem, he was terminated.

Remember that we are the entirety of ourselves everywhere we go.  In a bar, in the conference room  or at a baseball game, when you are associating with anyone having to do with your company it is best to behave as if you are sitting in front of your staff, your favorite client and your most respected mentor.  If you don’t have a great mentor…imagine your mom in the room too! 

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