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The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 8

Today we are talking with Ali Craig, a Best Selling Author, Brander, Producer, Strategist, TV Host, Artist, Speaker, Consultant(...phew...I'm tired just writing it) at Ali is not only amazingly talented and a get-it-done, tell-you-like-it-is professional, she is a great human! Which leads us to our tale. It is a tale many have experienced on our path as an entrepreneur. It is ROCKSTAR awesome that she is willing to share for your benefithere today. 

Tell me if something like this has happened to you during your first couple of hires for your business.  I know I hear these stories over and over from clients, contacts and friends alike!

Ali's first assistant, Jane X, was great.  Jane X was keeping up with the demanding travel schedule, helping with the logistics and rocking the social media projects assigned to her. The sense of relief very obviously was much higher than any management time required. And as they got to know each other, Ali knew that Jane X was in love.


Jane x's boyfriend lived in a different state.  Through conversation, Jane X informed Ali that she was thinking of moving.  They wanted to be closer together. Ali suggested that maybe he could consider coming to Arizona (Headquarters for Ali Craig, Co.)?  Ali, in a slight panic and with her "good human' nature shining offered to help. Financially. 

Ali's company would pay for most of the moving expense with a commitment of employment for at least one year from the date. Ali was comforted by an agreement they had in the event Jane X would leave that 90 days notice with assistance for succession hiring and training was required. Jane X said yes and Boyfriend X was quickly moved to AZ. And all was good in the world...for a bit.

A few months later as Ali was getting ready to leave for a client trip (literally within 24 hours), Jane X called to quit. Jane X and Boyfriend X were moving back to their home state. No notice for Ali. No reimbursement of funds. No support on the imminent business trip. NO-THING. <<<Reader, insert crying/ angry/ sad face of your choice here!>>> When Ali asked how long ago they had made the decision, the answer was a couple of months ago. When she returned from the client trip, she found her office piled with documents and a complete mess.

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: A bird in hand IS NOT better than starting over.

Why would an employer do this? Why would a business owner spend their company's funds on one person?

It is not unheard of for employers to make this offer. There are usually three reasons that employers consider one time incentives and bonuses that can include moves for families and their belongings.

  • Loyalty - if a tenured employee has been a contributing employee, especially if it is a role that effects the company and culture positively.
  • Expertise - if an employer worries that they would have difficulty finding as strong a specialized performer due to industry, employment market or other uniqueness 
  • Hiring Fears - if an employer is loathe to go through the hiring process ...again!  (also known as the "I don't wanna") 

That last one is a doozy and is the source of many entrepreneurial down fall.  

I get it. The hiring process takes time so that can be stressful as most hiring is demand driven and during a busy time in your company. HOWEVER, your business IS better, stronger and more profitable when you have the space to work on only the CEO tasks. That space comes from hiring and managing the right people for the job. A Boss needs to constantly be evaluating and recruiting for the right people at the right time. Turnover does, and honestly should, happen!

Also, It is disheartening (to say the least) when an employee leaves abruptly and unprofessionally. This kind of flake out happens more often with the young and inexperienced employees that have yet to learn that unprofessional acts will follow them! So buyer beware on your entry level positions. 

Specifically, Ali gave them a "no lose" proposition because she is a good human AND she panicked. She truly wanted Jane X to be happy and enjoy having a full life with a loving partner. Ali also wanted to keep this strong performer. Here is a Talmar Truth, Assistants are not specialized positions.  Unfortunately, Boyfriend X was not going to be happy in the move. Unless there is tenure and a commitment that supports their own personal goals, it is not a role that I would recommend be offered this type of incentive.   

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Talmar Anderson