A Question requiring an Answer

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 9

I introduce you to Coach Marvin Powell, Author, Business Coach extrordinaire and the Co-Founder of The Northern Virginia Business Referral RoundTable. I thoroughly enjoyed my sit down with this multi-faceted gentleman and he was quick with a story that I could share with you all. The best part? I don't think you will see the Boss Action right away!

As a young professional, Marvin reported to work sick.  Yep...coughing-out-loud sick and not feeling great. But he was there. He needed to work and it was expected that he would be working to contribute to the company. Marvin's Boss walks up to his desk.


"Marvin, you need to stop coughing or go home."  Marvin looked at his Boss like he grew a third ear.  Stop coughing..yeah right.  Coughing is involuntary. Or is it?

Then he thought back to when he started with the company. That same Boss told him hehad to start memorizing numbers in groupings of 9-11 digits instead of the human nature habit of 3's. Marvin was used to 3 or 4 groupings, like in a U.S. telephone style, for memorizing. At that time, he thought it was impossible to learn to regularly memorize and recall such long digit chains.  Marvin was told it was a required part of the job. 

Boy, this Boss was demanding! But was he?

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: See the potential and expect nothing less.

Marvin will tell you that this Boss was the best boss he ever had! As a newer professional and a young person, Marvin's experiences had seemed based around limitations up to that point in his life.  Actions, performance and even decisions were rooted in what was not possible.  The Boss Action of presenting a new concept as realistic, and even matter-of-fact, pushed Marvin to really challenge his personal behaviors. 

Marvin explained that his Boss presented these concepts in a simple and non-judgmental way that Marvin interpreted as a personal choice he had to make.  Was he going to choose to memorize the longer trains of digits or miss out on an employment opportunity? Was he going to control his coughing behavior or choose to miss out on work that day? There was no drama. There was no wrong answer.  It was a question requiring a decision.

Seriously! Not just Good Enough, this is kick ass!  I love this for EVERY Boss out there.  If you can master presenting the professional needs of you company this way, you will not only be a great Boss you will also be a strong mentor.

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Talmar Anderson