The Non-Business Owner

The Non-Business Owner

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior – 15


Today’s Scene: The Ugly Behavior

We have to go anonymous on this one so today’s post is going to be in the form of a story. So grab your coffee, and relax while I tell you about a Doctor.  This Doctor is a leader in his industry. The kind that media love to spotlight and clients wait years to work with for his specialty.  He is the kind of genius that would forget to eat because he is so focused on his expertise that he truly cannot organize or apply forethought to his regular day.  As the brilliant types are require has handlers and staff that made life happen around him. The same was true in his medical practice. He didn’t want to be bothered by the business needs and day to day operations.  



Our scene opens with him realizing that the practice’s Office Manager was not performing as the Doc expected after 6 years of working together.  The Doctor had been understanding over the last two years for the Office Manager’s growing requests to work at home due to an ill family member.  He approved invoicing from her house in addition to working on clients’ files (This was before HIPAA but was still mostly a no-no for client privacy) because the Office Manger just wasn’t able to “get it all done during the workday”. Most recently she took the main billing computer from the office to her home because her personal laptop died.  

It wasn’t until the Doctor’s spouse asked about when their automatic deposits would start up again that finally red flags were waving loudly at him.

The Doctor truly still saw this employee as a “family friend” and wanted the termination to go smoothly so asked the third party they had hired to be as “nice” as possible. They had to hire the third party because the Office Manager just wouldn’t answer phone calls or respond to any communications. By the time he and his spouse hired the third party to help get the office straightened out, the Doctor was just hoping to get back the computer with all the client files and invoicing data on it.

Yep. It was as bad as you expected. It took 3 days and threats of legal action to gain access to the business’ property.  Investigation and resetting the office systems proved that invoicing had not been performed in over 18 months (thus the lack of cash for salary).  Personal credit cards (the office mgr had full access to these for booking travel initially...then ordering office supplies...and then finally personal shopping for the employee) and bank accounts had been compromised.


Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: One employee doing everything in your life…likely is living your life for you!

True experts love what they do but the tasks and process of the business side of business can be overwhelming and “distracting” from what you can really offer your clients and customers. As we have said, “not always the best use” of your time. HOWEVER, if you are choosing to BE a business owner you are now stepping into the role of manager…or as I like to say Boss.

Talmar’s Truth: As the Boss, you may not check out even if you have Tony Robbins running your biz or it will cease to be your business in concept, delivery and oftentimes, profits. 

Successful business owner regularly meet with their team, plan how that team will work and then consult with your team to deliver what they need to be successful. Different industries, revenue sizes and business models will require 20% -100% of your time for this.

If you have decided to be a business owner, please step into the understanding that you must be present, consider your company’s needs AND ready to make changes to your team as necessary.  A successful company will require this from you more and more each year. If you are not ready to be a Boss, consider this permission for you to not be a business owner. And that is OK!

Scale on Purpose!


Talmar Anderson