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The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 17

Today’s Scene: The Bad

Today’s blog post discusses a Boss that THINKS they are doing a Good Enough job but really it is Bad.  Our story starts with A Boss adding to their team by planning to expand with an international event. After a general reach out to his connections, he gets a referral to “The Expert” for international event planning. No, his connection didn’t work directly with the Expert but he had “heard The Expert was really good”.

The Boss continues to look for the best of the best and hires additional vendors at the top of their game.  Included in this project is Anon Ymous.  Anon suggests a team call to introduce everyone, works through the different time zones and sends out a calendar invite with all of the call-in details to allow for a smooth conference call.  Everyone accepts for the following week. 



The morning of the meeting, Anon opens her email and starts working. She has a little over an hour before the start time so she works on other issues including catching up on emails. 50 minutes before the call, the entire team gets an email addressed to the Boss from The Expert who is responsible for the international event.  

In the email, The Expert rails against how everyone missed the meeting. How completely unprofessional Anon is to waste HER expert time. "Don't you know who I am?" 

But you get it right?  The Expert showed up on the call at the wrong time!  Even after having accepted a calendar invite to the correct time.


Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: Your team’s behavior is a reflection of the Boss!


As Anon read this very irrational and reactionary email, she without hesitation or worry over the loss of revenue, wrote a simple, kind and direct email to The Boss withdrawing their proposal to work on the project.

Boss Action: Anon is a boss too. Anon was unwilling to submit her own team to The Expert's crazy, self-indulgent ways. Anon was disappointed because she had been really excited to work with this Client(Boss). 

Being a Boss, not just a business owner, is being brutal about building your team. Have a thorough vetting process to ensure that the expertise any potential team mate presents is going to enhance YOUR business. But the "gold" for a gold star process is in confirming new people will be a good fit as a member of the team. This includes aligned personality, shared purpose and common values. 

If you have read any Boss Action or Talmar It Up articles before or worked with the company, you know that we are constantly reminding everyone that your team includes employees, ICs AND vendors!

Vendors have their own companies and their own mission, purpose and core values.  No, they do not have to be perfectly aligned but remember, as they work with other people on your behalf - whether employees, ICs, other vendors OR clients- they can enhance your business reputation or damage it.

As in today’s case, the Boss lost a great vendor and all the opportunities for growth and success that came with that vendor.  All because they too quickly hired an “Expert” without checking what it would be like to work with them.  A few phone calls to references and a thorough list of questions for that reference would have certainly given them at least an awareness that this could have been a problem.

As follow up, Anon called and let me know that a day later the Boss Client requested that they reconsider as "The Expert" had been let go. Anon took the gig back on happily. Swift action on a team mismatch IS a boss action! 


Scale on purpose,


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