Growth Is NOT One More Hire.

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior - 18

Today’s Scene: The Ugly Behavior

One of the best benefits of being a Boss of my own companies, is being asked to speak to a large audience or offer guidance to a specific group. The idea of being able to help more people in one short time is always fun.  But the BEST of the best is the 1-1 meets after I speak. People with specific stories or questions on the topic will follow up with me directly. Our story today for the blog comes from one of these follow ups. I am writing it as a VERY real and current reminder to all the Bosses out there that you can NOT half-ass your management and expect a kick-ass team. Let’s discuss what “half-ass”ing might look like!

Employee X was very excited about her new role with an exciting and growing company. She is very experienced in an adjacent industry but has been hired into a developing and innovating company to fulfill a recently defined role. She was clear about her specific industry and her concerns about the cross over. Throughout the interviewing and onboarding, she was repeatedly assured that she would be supported in this new role while she became more familiar with the company’s specific business model. Boss Half consistently promised, and provided, an open-door policy and consistent 1 on 1 weekly meetings. 




Employee X will readily admit that they did meet with her every week. And as she came to work, week after week, she was met with an open door that literally had no answers. The most fruitful resource provided to all of her inquires for help, clarity or advice was a singular link to a software company that Boss Half hoped would help. No, she hadn’t “looked at it yet”. She said Boss Half would stare blankly back at her and shrug. Boss Half did not know the answers and didn’t offer any guidance on how she would want it delivered.

Employee X discovered over time that the role was so new that the company had not really decided how to deliver this specific area.  That Boss Half had hoped that Employee X’s experience in a “similar” industry would magically translate to a diversification of services and expansion of the business model.




Boss Half had taken no time to learn about the new area, how other roles in different companies delivered on this service, or specifically how her new employee could learn to be successful. Lastly, Boss Half made the wrong hire for this stage of growth.

A Boss that is looking to expand beyond their own experience or expertise should be working with implementers, experts and the kind of people that want to teach or build something and then move on….consultants. Employee X was looking for a job. An established position with process, procedures and a real success path already developed. 

Boss Half believed that the training of policies and providing access was being a responsible Boss. This Boss incorrectly assumed that the hiring of a person was enough to “grow” a company. Employee X is moving on and taking some of the Boss Actions tips on interviewing to use for interviewing potential Bosses! This is a sad opportunity lost for Boss Half.  Employee X would be a great employee once the position and service line were defined and developed.

 A Kick-Ass Boss sets up their team for success by understanding the business needs, the employee’s individual professional needs and providing the resources they need for the problem at hand. Yep, that is the job, Boss!



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Talmar Anderson