Why Don’t They Do it Like I Would?



We get that some employees are more organized than others. Some will have a stronger sense of urgency. Some will have a stronger…sense of self (as in “self-centered”).  But a Boss must watch for the signs that it is not just your experience or a moment in time occurrence! In fact, if you (THE Boss) are being affected by the Employee and their organizations skills, you can be assured at least the other team members are being impacted and, at WORST, your customers are being affected. 

Today we are a fly on the wall of Boss ReadMyMind’s office. He is trying to get a customer feedback meeting scheduled. These bi-annual feedback meetings are a piece of the business Boss still likes to keep his fingers in. Those meetings allow him to hear the clients’ perspective first hand. One of the newer Client Service Coordinators, Employee Busy, has not set Client ABC’s meeting for next week yet.  What was the hold up?


Boss ReadMyMind shot Employee Busy an email asking the status of the meeting scheduling? Employee Busy didn’t respond right away so Boss ReadMyMind assumed she was with a client…that is the job after all.  But as the end of the day rolled around, Employee Busy still had not gotten back with him.

Not to be too big in the britches, but Boss ReadMyMind thought, “If it were me and MY Boss had asked for a status update, I would have MADE that happen by the end of the day.”

When Boss ReadMyMind followed up with Employee Busy the next day, there was an excuse as to coordinating too many people and finding a good date.

Employee Busy was assigned the coordination of this meeting 10 days ago. “It shouldn’t take 10 days for 1 person to coordinate a meeting for 4 people” thought Boss. Employee Busy certainly could list the work she had been finishing yet Boss ReadMyMind found himself frustrated.  How could she take so long to do this one simple piece?

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: A Boss sets an expectation of urgency in work flows IF it is important.

This is more than setting deadlines when giving assignments (Though that is a BOSS actions too!). This is about recognizing the pieces in your business that are to be met with a sense of immediate resolve regardless of who encounters the issue.  Maybe it is client complaints in your company. Maybe it is restocking store shelves for someone else’s business. Maybe it is confirming delivery times for your inventory.

 In my companies, it is setting appointments (NO this is not my story…but it could be!). If someone has called, emailed or requested an appointment in any way, I ask my team to get back with them within 1 business day at the latest. I know that my clients, contacts and vendors live by the calendar. It is the least we can do to be responsive and finalize appointments quickly. That means that we may need to pick up the phone if there is too much back and forth. We do what it takes to quickly set the appointment in everyone’s calendar and then get back to our work. This relieves stress and let’s everyone know when the meeting’s issue will be discussed.

The point is that if a company has specific issues that you as the Boss expect your team to deal with by immediately addressing or progressing with a heightened sense of urgency, you must tell them!  Even ASAP means different things to people.

 Define your “urgent” items (NO! It cannot be everything.) and make those pieces a part of your training, your communications AND examples. While it is true that nothing shows your team how to handle certain tasks than seeing the leader consistently deliver on the same issue the same way, do not be fooled into thinking walking the talk is enough.  You must communicate with your employees – what is important and how you want to see it addressed. Our Boss action is clear priorities that align with the company mission and support the business performance you envision!

 Scale on Purpose!


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Talmar Anderson