Enough is Enough.


Today’s Scene: The Ugly Behavior

By Talmar Anderson

Employee Good Hearted had a day job with a local non-profit and it was way past time to give notice. Part of the reason was that Boss Chaos had such poor time management skills she was driving Employee GH crazy with her constant ‘emergency’ requests. Even though time management was Boss Chaos’ problem, it FELT like disrespect of Employee GH’s time.

Six weeks had gone by since Employee GH had given notice and she was still around! In fact, Boss Chaos had JUST started interviewing for a replacement. 

Fed up, Employee GH wrote Boss Chaos and told her that the drawn-out goodbye was hard emotionally AND logistically. Employee Good Hearted requested that they set a definitive end date and list of hand off items for that end date meeting. Today was supposed to be Employee’s the last day in the office. 


Employee GH waited for Boss to be ready.  Employee felt sure that at some point during the day Boss Chaos would call her in the office to have the hand off discussion. Near the end of the day, Employee GH poked her head in the door and asks if Boss is ready yet? Boss Chaos waves her off saying this was not a good time.

Employee GH was gobsmacked! Boss didn't leave time in her schedule to meet with exiting Employee! Literally had not scheduled a block of time for their meeting. This final disregard further demonstrated Employee’s impression that Boss Chaos neither respected Employee’s time nor the mission of the company.  Employee felt obligated to go back to the office the following day which made the office goodbye a little awkward.

Coworkers who were ready to say goodbye to Employee Good Hearted instead were told everyone would see her again tomorrow. When Employee GH explained why to the rest of the team, they all laughed but no one was the least bit surprised.

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: A Boss gets their OWN shift together to be accessible for the team.

Time and again failed companies can be pointed directly back to the Boss that never focused on mastering their own work flows.  Not only is the business missing out on all the work required to grow, deliver for customers and scale a team, the leadership…as in this case, becomes a joke. Literally.

Most business owners with this kind of disorganization and mistaken priorities burn through team members that walk away without the consideration of Employee GH. (I know I would have been inclined to walk out the door that final day and left the Boss guessing at project statuses.) Some of these Bosses are reasonably panicked at a team member’s exit and prioritize getting in front of that person. Regardless of the real reason that Boss Chaos was so disorganized, it was only perceived as a lack of respect for others. The team saw Boss as feeling like she was more important than the others.

Not only disrespectful and expensive…it is wasteful, demoralizing for the people that move through Boss’ wake and will damage the reputation of the company both internally and externally. Now you know why we named her “chaos”. If she had asked for or hired help to get disciplined to create time and accessibility within her own calendar for any of the employees then they would not be in such a dire situation. As it was, she was not taking any actions to make her shift from business owner to Boss!

In this case, Employee Good Hearted was personally aligned with the mission of the non-profit. Employee wanted to make sure the recipients would be taken care of going forward and that is why she went in the following day. But this experience did leave a bitter taste in Employee GH’s mouth when it came to Boss’ not respectfully acknowledging the team’s time, energy or availability.

Employee GH was most offended by the drawn-out exit. How could she be expected to care enough to prioritize the work when the Boss couldn’t do the same? Bad Boss. Very bad boss indeed.

Scale on Purpose!

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