The Friendzone

The Good Enough, The Bad and The Ugly Behavior – 22

Today’s Scene: The Bad

Today’s story speaks directly to a challenge for any leader much less all the business owners setting out to build and manage their company’s team.  We get lonely. We want to have someone on our team that understands how difficult it can be to make these decisions every day. We want someone to go through the whole business roller coaster with us.

This can be one of the most powerful catalysts for a business owner during their first few hires. And that was the case for Boss Alone. Boss Alone owned his own carpentry business.  He had been able to manage the clients, the carpentry apprentice and the marketing vendors fine but sitting in the office trying to get to the billing, the inventory and other back office stuff felt draining.  He decided to hire an office manager.

Quickly drafting an employment ad with a list of all that he hoped a candidate would take off his plate and a good enough salary, he waited for the right person to send in their resume.  He even started imagining how nice it would be to have someone to talk with every day. Heck, even just walking into the office to a pleasant greeting with a friendly smile would be awesome. 

200 resumes later Boss Alone had two great prospects!  Candidate First had run a small office for a law firm. She had experience and said she could build up and organize a new database for managing the clients and contacts that would LITERALLY save time! The second woman was coming from a customer service background and TOTALLY got Boss Alone’s humor.  Candidate Second was ambitious and could relate to the goals Boss Alone has set for the company. And her spouse played professional football so she could hold conversations on one of his all-time favorite subjects.  Remembering that he should build a “culture” of likeminded people he was excited to offer the job to Candidate Second.



Boss Alone DID love Candidate Second’s friendly greetings! And he had grown to be friends with her…however, she LITERALLY finished nothing.  After 4 months of working for him she had not even been able to catch up the invoicing. To make matters worse, Boss Alone was getting behind on his own work.  They were so chatty that time flew and he found himself working longer and later during the week.



Boss Alone was so blinded by the fun and easy conversation during the interview that he was distracted from making sure this choice was best for the company.  He chose the candidate that was best for his personal needs…a confidante, fun, friendship and companionship.

Boss Alone certainly can prioritize finding someone to be able to consistently share the challenges and excitement of being a business owner.  This longing we all hold is usually best served through masterminds, coaches or professional organizations for business owners.  Boss Alone could have joined one such situation and developed the same kind of relationship…with someone that he neither had to pay to be his friend and is likely to consistently bring something valuable to conversations about being a business owner.

Boss Alone’s big misstep? He forgot that HIS job was to prioritize the needs of the company. His business needed someone that would be an enhancement to the process and organization of the company’s administration. A “friend for the Boss” should have never been on the list for consideration. As a Boss he will always need to be the business’ champion.



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