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Today’s Scene: The Ugly Behavior

By Talmar Anderson

Boss OnIt knew that his customers were going to LOOOOVE Employee Nova. From the first time Employee walked in to the office, he could see that people took to him.  He was quick to, women, old and young.  He was going to be THE business development guy to bring in the next level sales Boss OnIt was ready to bring on.

After being assigned to some of the older accounts, Employee Nova was starting to close some new clients but not at the rate that they both had planned on to keep up with their internal trends.  Employee Nova sure seemed to be out at networking events and spent afternoons doing his 1-1 follow ups. But the ratios weren’t closing correctly.  When Boss was with Employee, he said all the right things and was closing. Sooo weird…Boss OnIt keep looking into it.

Then Boss heard a rumor. And after do some more investigating, it was time to have a little chat with Employee Nova.


Employee Nova entered the office all swagger and grins. Boss Onit asked him to shut the door. This caught Employee by surprise so the grin disappeared.

“What’s up Boss?’ asked Employee Nova.

Boss asked straight out “Are you using this job to find dates?”

Yep, word on the street was that Employee Nova was more interested in seeing which of his female prospects were interested in him as opposed to the business.   

Boss OnIt heard back from a fellow business owner whose employee was on a 1-1 with Employee Nova. Boss was told that the other employee had casually mentioned that it “felt more like a date” than a business peer to peer meeting.  Boss to boss, the caller said he had checked in on this employee and she was ok. She affirmed that they did not want to do business with THAT unprofessional company.

As Boss OnIt looked back over Employee Nova’s 1-1 and closed sales he found something interesting. ALL of the closed sales were male contacts. And the ratios of female to male 1-1 meetings was 5 to 1.  Five female meetings to 1 male meeting. Was Employee even trying to close the female prospects business?

Boss OnIt did take it further and sampled a few of the past female prospects asking them to partake in a professionalism survey to gain a better perspective on his new hire. Out of the 8 people he called, only 1 could give him high enough scores and feedback that suggested Employee Nova handled himself professional “most” of the time.

Boss Action!

Today’s lesson: A Boss knows that sometimes people will use the business for the wrong reasons!

Boss OnIt DID fire Employee Nova.  The nail in his coffin was that Employee smiled at the idea of using his position as a way to get dates. He didn’t even have the decency to pretend to be offended much less innocent. Boss OnIt was disgusted and not a little nervous!

Beyond losing out on potential business Employee Nova represented the company on each of those one to one meetings. The risk to the company was far to high for Boss OnIt’s company. It was disappointing because the references for Employee Nova seemed in line with a professional sales career. Employee’s last position was working a walk-up desk so all his sales prospects presented to him.  Perhaps this was the first time he had the freedom (and misguided judgement) to select who he spent time with for a job. 

Truthfully, the intention, the start or the reason are not the point. A Boss knows that we may never know why a person decides to go against process, protocols or even just a sense of reason. Extensive training, background checks, and a strong vetting process will not ensure that every person makes the right choice.

Boss Actions is always reminding clients that priorities, circumstances and lifestyles will change for your team and ALL of these can create different motivations and therefore different behaviors or performance for employees at work. Oftentimes those changes help to motivate a higher performance but for a few it can have the opposite and more self-serving result.  

A boss’ job is to protect the company and the rest of his team by being involved in the assessment of what is quality and high performance while quickly and consistently addressing what is not in line with the company’s values and mission. Yep, get rid of those jerks that are not even considering how their performance reflects on the rest of the team!

Scale on Purpose!

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